Is there a way to show ALL values in the mouseover?

Hi all,

I have a line chart where I would like all values to be displayed on mouseover, no matter which bar I am moving my mouse over.
If the individual lines represent different measures, then it is possible via settings in the mouseover to select and display each individual measure value.
But what can I do if I only have one measure and the chart consists of several lines of dimension values?


In this example I would like to see in the mouseover the following:

Fina Tellwright: 8,161,460
Justen Cartwright: 3,196,152
Maggie Warren: 161,556
Parvaiz Bradshaw: 8,161,824



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  • Hi Marlene,

    There isn't a simple setting saying 'Show all values' for a label.

    However, for a limited number of dimension members (e.g. four in your example), you can get around it with use of 'Lookup values'.

    I my example I am working with the Revenue measure, and from the drop down list in the label editor, I have inserted eight Lookup values for the Revenue measure.

    By default, the Lookup value will show the numeric value (the measure value), but as you can see from the Revenue5 example, I have changed that to show the dimension member instead. Likewise for Revenue1, Revenue3 and Revenue7.

    To get the labels to show not just the current member and value, you must go to the Lookup values tab and change the column references from 'Dynamic' to 'Fixed'.

    This article covers some of the same aspects: 

    BR / Ole


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