How to sort columns asc/desc?

Hi all,

Sometimes users need the time dimension in a column. Here is a little example:

It's not possible to change the order by sorting desc/asc, is it?

I just can swap the columns via drag & drop like this:

But if new years appear or I need more years than in this small example it's getting difficult.

Is there another way that I don't know yet? Thank you for your support.



  • Hi Marlene

    There's not really a way to sort columns in TARGIT. There is a feature request - and when we get the ideas part of the community up and running it will be interesting to see the number of votes on that...

    The work-around that I've come across is to make an alternative year attribute with a key that is the year multiplied by -1 and then sort by key. (Or in Tabular models sort by a column that is multiplied by -1).

    Hope it makes sense 



  • I also have this problem - so every year in the start of january, i go through all your pages to fix this.


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