Dynamically colored gauge/speedometer


As it happened we stumbled across an interesting question/request from one of our customers this week and till now we couldn’t find an (easy) solution to show this with Targit.

So we thought that maybe someone else would have an idea how to do that in Targit.

Our customer wants to show a “workload rate” as a speedometer, with an actual percent value in proportion to an percent goal. So far so good – it’s fairly easy to do that in Targit with Goal. But now it get’s a little bit trickier – the customer wants to color the circular range (i.e. the “background image”) dynamically based on the values of actual value and goal value:

For example the range from 0 % to <goal percentage> % should be green, <goal percentage> % to 50 % should be yellow and 50 % to 100 % should be red.

The result should be something like this, where the color ranges are dynamic based on the measure values used in the object:


We experimented a little bitt already but we couldn’t come up with an “easy” solution.

Best idea/approach so far:  several overlaying donut charts where we have to model the data in a way that the relevant data is displayed in upper half circle of the donut chart for the “dynamic colored areas” plus a gauge for the needle representation....

If anybody has another or better idea - please let us know.

Best regards

Stephan Ballmann



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  • Hello, 

    Just found your post, i am trying to make the exsact same thing, did you ever find a solution? :) 


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