Dynamic Time showing Question Marks

I'm trying to setup Dynamic Time based off of Shipping Days since 2019. This is a YMD Hierarchy with the Dynamic Dates Definition syntax:


However, when I try to use Dynamic Periods in TARGIT, not everything is populated properly, with ? appearing in places they shouldn't:

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!



  • have you checked the decorations defined in the server manager console? 

  • Hi Meagan,

    Since it does seem to work to some extent on each level of your hierarchy, I don't think there is anything wrong with your Dynamic Dates Definition syntax.

    More likely, I think you have an incomplete Time dimension - with not all dates present. Typically if the Time dimension was created directly from the transactions table, you might have gaps in your dates.

    If instead you create the Time dimension from a dedicated Time dimension table (where all dates are present within the required time span), then I think the "?" will disappear.

    BR / Ole

  • I do encounter this from time to time myself. I usually end up making a new time table that pulls from dPeriod (or some other master time table) and then I connect my datetime dimension that I was trying to get to work to the newly created time table's date dimension and then I manually build out the time heirarchies/syntax like you currently have. This seems to resolve the issue!


    Like Ole said; if you pull from a master time table with all dates accounted for I think it will clear your problem!


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