Advanced calculations (row) in the top of an analysis


Is it somehow possible to see an advanced calculation (row) in the top of an analysis in the same way as a standard total?

I would like the row "Total" and "growth" to be shown in the top of the analysis. In the case below it is not a problem due to a low number of items. But when I want to show all items the problem occurs.

The calculations are made on visual members (v) if that makes a difference.





  • Hi Flemming

    You can drag and drop the row with your calculation and place it in any row you like.

  • Hi John

    Also my first thought, but it doesn't seem to be possible in Version 2019.5 build 17126 or I might be doing something wrong. Guess I must be in designer mode and just try to drag the calculation line to the top or ?


  • Hi Flemming

    I'm fairly sure that you have to be in Designer mode to do that.

    I don't know if the version has anything to do with it. We have version 2021.0 build 19280 and it works perfectly.

  • We have version 2019.4 and I have just made a calculated row and drag it to the top of my table:

  • Hi Louise

    Thanks - I can also drag a calculation to the top in a simple analysis. So my problem must be due to the complexity of my priceindex analysis.


  • But when a new row would appear in this analysis. Lets say it starts with 'aa'.(< Ar)  Then the total will appear at the second row.

    Any suggestions on that ?

  • Latest TARGIT versions (and maybe earlier too) ... if you drag the calculation above the built-in grand total (assuming you have column totals at the top), the calculation stays there even when you hide the built-in grand total ... but only as long as the user doesn't sort the crosstab.

    I've therefore raised a feature request ("Row calculations locked at the top of a crosstab") which I believe would solve the problems discussed in this thread. You're welcome to add ideas to this request. Also, the more we increase the request's counter, the likelier it becomes that R&D takes it into consideration :-)


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