Updating files in Data discovery

I am having a problem with the files in data discovery not updating. The files are located on our datawarehouse server, though they can be accessed in data discovery using local file. To my understanding they should be updating when a change occur in the files.

Is it not working since the files are not located the same place Targit is installed ?



  • Hi Bo

    Im not sure if it matters where the files are placed. But if it has worked before and you haven't changed the folder structure etc it seems strange..

    But we have experienced similar problems. Sometimes it is the sub-folder that has disappeared in the the path. Try to check if the path of the file placement for your data source is correct:

    Right click on your data source and select "edit properties"

    and check if the path is correct:

    We have experienced several times that the sub-folder suddenly are missing, so I have to browse it again and save the settings.

    Other times I have had to create a new data source (import the same file as a new datasource) and then substitute it with the original data source in my cube:

    and then the automatic updating works fine again.

    Neither KMD or Targit has been able to explain why these faults appear sometimes.. 

  • Thanks Louise

    Creating new data sources did the trick in our case.


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