Dynamic Measure Caption and translation

How can I use dynamic captions and have translations work?

I have a column chart with 2 measures. I display the legend. The measures' original name are way too long for display so I renamed them with Dynamic Measure Captions. But I need those names also to switch according to the preferred language. How can I do this as the world/translation icon is not visible.

My guess is that this functionality is not yet available, hence I would like to request it.

In meantime can I use a formula that picksup the language setting of the user or something? Or maybe use a formula to pick the first word of the original measure name or certain length of text?



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  • Hi Femke,

    You are right - There are no translation options for dynamic captions. Your request has been noted.

    As a far stretched work around, you might add a color agent to each of of your measures. With a default color agent, you can match/copy the original colors of the measure. The advantage is that the color agentsĀ do have translation options that will work for your column chart legend.

    BR / Ole


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