Append multiple Excel files

Hi all,

we need to create a cube out of excel files with data discovery.

Is it possible to append multiple files? Or do we need to do this step before integrate the data sources in TARGIT Data Discovery?

Thanks for hints :)



  • Hi Marlene

    Im not sure what you mean, but as far as I know you either have to make a data source for each of the 20 files. And then you can include all the 20 data sources in your new cube. 

    Or you can start by making one excelfile with all the data from your 20 files. And then use this as one data source in your cube.

    Which solution is the easiest depend on how it should be updated with new data later on. 

    I often end by collecting most data as possible in one excelfile as a first step before making it as a data source in Targit.

    But it is not a problem having several excel data sources in one cube. For example I have just made this cube with 3 excel files, 4 Targit analysis sources and 1 date table.

     Im sorry if I didn't understand your question correct :-)

  • What Marlene means is that you put the files in the folder. If csv files are added there, the data basis of Data Services is to be extended by the data of this file. There sould be only one table as data source in TARGIT.

  • Thanks, Thomas - then I understand the question. You need all files in a specific folder to be loaded/imported in Targit as one data source.

    Unfortunately I don't know the answer. But it would definately be useful for us too, if it is possible.


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