Installing and using python packages in TARGIT

Hello all!

I just wanted to know a way to install pandas inside my code code in TARGIT Data Discovery, because this package is needed. Does anyone uses Python to get data in TARGIT and can help with this issue?

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  • Hi.

    Did you ever get an answer or resolution to this question?

  • My guess is that you cannot install modules in the code.

    Have you made sure to install Python on the computer?

    Have you made sure that the Pandas is installed on the computer?

    Have you considered installing Anaconda, which includes Pandas etc.

  • If one was in control of the environment, the question wouldn't arise.

    Assume that this TARGIT environment is being hosted by an external party and the only interaction is via the TARGIT website front-end.
    Since TARGIT says it supports IRON Python as a datasource, the assumption is that IRON python is already installed on the TARGIT server.

    What we are now talking about is how to add modules to an existing TARGIT installation with python already installed. Of importance are:

    1. How to add common modules like Pandas - especially if python is to be used as a data source
    2. A relative folder path mechanism relative to the website detailing how to add python files which can be used as modules and making it available to the python script defined in the python data source section of the TARGIT frontend.

    Overall, there appears to be very sparse documentation about how this works. My original expectation was that someone had implemented python as a datasource within TARGIT and has detail examples to share. Perhaps usage of this functionality is very limited.

  • My question to Targit would be, provided Python and the libraries have been installed in the environment, would it then be possible to run scripts that import modules in Data Discovery.

    I have found this example of how to use R, which is similar to Python, in Data Discovery in the documentation:

    Note that there is a difference between installing modules (on the server) and importing modules (in the script); and note the difference between supporting Python as a data source (in the front-end) and having Python and the libraries installed (on the server).

  • Hello,

    The solution we used to fix this issue was by simply using R to append the tables from excel. (Changing the approache)

    Installing modules in Python in the code is something doable, but as I mentioned in my post erlier, TARGIT did not let me do it due to something I don't know yet. See this link pip - Installing python module within code - Stack Overflow

    Sorry for my late answer, but I just checked the "other messages" section in my Outlook finding out that there were some answers to my issue. Thanks for your aswers.

    Best regards
    Alaa Ballan
    Business Intelligence Specialist: TSO-DATA, Germany


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