request: ability to set scale on 2 axes to same min and max value

Hi, I need to set the scaling in my chart for my first and second axes to the same values.

I know I can set it manually, but then when a user filters the data, the scaling won't automatically adjust with it. I would like to request a feature that enables scaling to be based on a formula I can input myself, or a thickbox that enables same scaling on both axes.


My chart has 2 measures for an end user: measure1 and measure2

Measure 1 is divided visually into what should have been realised and what is yet expected to be realised (target)

Measure 2 is what has been realised.

I have created this chart as a stacked chart with columns and lines, preferrably the second axes should not be displayed, but to be sure scaling is same I display it for now.

X1 -(left): measure 2

X2-(right): measure 1a and measure 1b (otherwise I can't stack it)

I also crossed these measures , so measure 1 on X1 and measure 2 on X2 but both with no line and no marker, as otherwise minimums and maximums are not same and thus scaling and scaling steps are different. But this forces me to change the hover values again and now I need to maintain hover label on measures that are actually not displayed. So yes it is possible to set same scaling but it's cumbersome and other workarounds need to be implemented.




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