color displayed measure values in combo chart

Hi, How Can I ensure that the 'brightness' of values of my line measure are opposite from that of my column measure?

column value> line value and column = dark, then line value = light

column value < line and column = dark then line value = dark

in below chart you can read the value of the line on first 2 months, but then it's same color as background column, and values can't be read anymore.


I tried adding a color agent on the text like sum(0,0,m4)<sum(0,0,m1) then white else black. but that is not doing the trick.



  • Hi Femke,

    I can achieve something like this:

    The dark bars are my measure 1, m1.

    The blue line is my measure 2, m2.

    Furthermore, I have added a new calculated measure, m3: sum(0, 0, m2)

    My m2 and m3 are both formatted as lines with same colors and same labels - except that labels are black for m2 and white for m3.

    Last I am hiding values for my m2 with a visibility agent, condition: sum(d1, 0, m1) > sum(d1, 0, m2)

    BR / Ole

  • thanks Ole, this is indeed what I'm looking for.

    So if dark column is bigger than than blue line you hide the black values for blue line. The white values are always displayed and as line measure m2 is over line measure m3 the black is displayed over the white labels of m3 when white background is there, or maybe better to have visibilty agent on the m3 as well: sum(d1, 0, m1) <= sum(d1, 0, m2)


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