How do I get measures on Y axis?

I would like tto have he measures on the Y-axis and the dimension (for example sales person or office) on the X-axis. Is this possible? See below.



  • Hi Frank

    I think you need to transport it with calculated rows.

    In the example below my "Medarbejderkreds" is your offices. And my "Køn" is just a random dimension.

    And the 3 measures I have just renamed measure 1, 2, 3 below.

    Then I create 3 calculated rows with the syntax sum(0,all,m1) and sum(0,all,m2) and sum(0,all,m3)

    And then I hide 2 of the measures and the "random" dimension "Køn". (Some how if I haven't got a dimension in the left side, I can't create a calculated row).

    And I can e.g. then rename "Measure 1" to " ":


    I hope this can be a solution to your question?

  • I also use this method, Louise!


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