dynamic visability of objects (e.g. charts, texts, images, tables) based on criteria


How can I show or hide a complete object based on a criteria or filter value.

For example: we have customized logo's for specific Article Groups, and would like to display the correct logo image based on the selection the user makes in the criteria bar.

Example is now on images, but I would like to do the same for each object type (I'm new to Targit and in other BI toolings this was always possible)



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  • Hi Femke,

    I have a trick where you can use criteria to "replace" data objects. It works for objects containing data, so unfortunately not for Image objects or Text box object (that I imagine you would use for logo images - if you stretch it, you can use KPI objects to display images).

    But let me try to explain how to do it with data objects.

    In my example, I have a crosstab. I use that for drill down criteria, for filtering data in the other objects. So, when I click 'Asia', I will see a pie chart next to it.

    And when I click 'Europe', the pie chart will be replaced by a bar chart etc.

    In fact, I have multiple data objects placed on top of each other to the right. For the Pie chart, I have added a local criteria:

    Notice that I am using the 'between' operator. I cannot use the 'equal to' operator, because that would then be replaced by the drill down criteria, e.g. Europe, from the crosstab, which will always work as an 'equal to' criteria.

    With this setup, I will get a Criteria conflict (no data to show) when I select Europe from my crosstab. And this is exactly what I want - because I can then choose to hide the object when the object is empty. From the Visibility options in the Properties Smartpad:

    So - in other words - the Pie chart will only show when Asia (or nothing) has been selected from the crosstab. If Europe or North America is selected, we will get a criteria conflict resulting in 'No data to display...', but we choose to hide the object when that happens.

    The same thing should be done for the bar chart and for a third data object related to North America.

    BR / Ole


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