Diagram visualization of column-total of row-wise calculation with time dimension?

I wish to visualize my column-total along a time dimension in a diagram.

In this case, the column-total is a total of hidden row-wise calculations.

My issue is that I can only seem to visualize this in a table and not in a diagram.

Each row is a person; and the columns are the periods of the time-dimension. This seems natural.

However, when I choose a diagram, the diagram expects the rows to be on the X-axis and the time-dimension to be the 'hue'. I guess the time-dimension should be on the X-axis for it to work, but if I place the time-dimension at the X-axis, the calculation dose not work.



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  • Perhaps a solution: Since Targit reads the vertical axis as "default", the time-dimension, in this case, should be placed on the vertical axis, or the numbers should be 'transported' to the vertical axis as calculated rows to be visualized. In my case, I have chosen the solution to place the time dimension as rows in the table and the (numerous) people as columns; and then I have 1) calculated the changes as calculations and 2) created a column for the total.


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