Export to Excel - Change Default from Repeat Diminsions

I set the default to export with repeat dimensions.   How do I change the default back to exporting without repeat dimensions.   I do not see this options anywhere.  





  • Hi Jeff,

    If you right click an object, you can select 'Custom Excel export' and in the resulting dialog you can remove the setting and for repeating dimension members and furthermore save that setting as your future default.

    BR / Ole

  • Hej Ole,

    is there a way to get the "Repeat dimension members for all rows/columns" option working in Targit Anywhere as well?

    Some of our users would really like to use the Anywhere client, but they are struggeling with the Excel export. It seems that it never repeats the dimension members, which is a problem for them as they need it in the export for further processing.




  • Each user can do this him/her self.

    go to preferences and then select the option of repeat all labels. in excel export.

  • I have asked this question as well:


    Unfortunately this option is not possible with the embedded version of anywhere. 

    I still hope for a future option to adjust the embedding - so the user can't get access to the file structure (the reason for us to use embedding) but still can use the other options in the menubar. 


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