Missing Cube in Targit


I have a cube in 2021 called VRC Tea Board and the data model editors looks okay (I see all the three tables = screenshot 1). But when I look in Targit I miss one table ("Blend Number" = screenshot 3). 

In 2017 it works fine. How can I fix this?





  • Hi Frank,

    The error message is actually not a 'missing table'. It is a 'missing cube'. The cube missing is the "Blend Number" cube in your "VRC Tea Board" database.

    Now, if you switch to the 'Cubes' tab in the Data Model Editor, you should be able to see which cubes actually exists in the current database.

    In my screenshot I only have one cube (Sales Invoice Line). I guess you will see two cubes: "Blend Balances" and "Broker Lot". You are probably missing to actually create a cube from the Blend Number table - or it needs to be reconfigured/fixed and then saved.

    Just putting in tables in the Schema tab doesn't make a cube automatically - you will always need to go through the 'Cubes' tab as well.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks Ole. Actually I see three Cubes including the Blend Number cube (see below screenshot). What can I do now to make it appear in Targit?


  • Ok. Maybe it is an empty cube then.

    I can't see from the screenshot if the cube contains any measures. Maybe it needs to contain at least one real measure (in the Measures folder) in order to become a valid cube.

    Do you have any measures in the Measures folder?

  • Thanks Ole. Added the Blend Number also as a measure and it worked! Now I see there was dummy number as measure and I think that doesn't count as a measure because I got a error message when I add these dummy number measure (screenshot 2). Looks like that is was possible in 2017 but not in 2021.




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