Trigger to specific layout in other document

Is it possible in maybe a newer verison of Targit to create a trigger for a specific layout in another document?


We are currently running 2021.0 build 19216, as I haven't upgraded all old reports to Targit3.



  • Hi Kristoffer,

    I am looking at the most recent release, and I don't see an option to trigger from one document to another document's specific layout.

    There is a 'Navigation' trigger from where you can select a specific layout, but that only works within the current document.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks for the reply Ole. 

    Is there a way to ensure that a layout is the main layout when navigating to a document. I have a dashboard, from where you can navigate to another dashboard, with a few layouts. But it is constantly navigating the wrong layout :/

  • In general, the top most layout will become the default layout when you open a document.

    You can move - drag and drop - layouts to your preferred sequence.

    Also notice, that Device visibility settings may play a role when working with multiple device types (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones).

    In this example, I have a layout that is enabled for PC and for Tablet. Furthermore it is 'Designed for' PC.

    If this is your top most layout, it will definitely become the default layout when working from PCs.

    It may also be the default layout for Tablets - unless you further down the list has another layout where Tablet is both Enabled and 'Designed for'.

    In other words: The layout that is picked as the default layout when opening a document is the first document - from top to bottom - that is both Enabled and Designed for the requesting device type. If none of your layouts are Designed for the device type, it will pick the first for which it is enabled.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole, 

    I am not sure how, but somehow I had managed to remove the "designed for" for several of the layouts, including the top one, which was the reason it was opened as the standard layout :) 


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