Possible to modify resolution of default "Desktop" page size?

I have looked everywhere but can't seem to find it, so this is my question: can you change the default Desktop page size to another resolution than 1600x900 or do you always need to choose Custom and set it manually to 1920x1080 for example?



  • Hi Wim,

    The "Desktop" page size has been hard-coded to 1600x900, so I don't know of any way to change it.

    However, once you created your own custom size, e.g. 1920x1080, you can save the document as a template and then use this template for all future documents - rather than the "blank dashboard" template.


    BR / Ole


  • Hi Ole,

    OK thanks we'll use that workaround for now.

    Is it possible to add "Customize page sizes" as a feature request? A sort of XML file the server admin can edit in the Settings folder to add more Page sizes? Mobile phones and tablets continue to have bigger resolutions too so it would be handy.

    In the past we had the possibility to create a "DisplayDevices.xml" file where you could set the resolution and preview an analysis in that "size" so it would be handy to have an analogue solution for the page sizes.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Wim,

    Feature request noted. Until that happens... just an idea, when you create your new template, why not add all the different layouts that you need into that single template?

    In other words: A single template with a number of Layouts:

    • E.g. a 1920x1080 layout for Desktop
    • e.g. an A4 layout for reports
    • e.g. a 400x2400 layout (fit to width) for a scrollable smartphone layout
    • e.g. a ???x??? layout for tablets
    • etc.

    / Ole


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