Objects looses connection to datasource


I created a dashboard yesterday on a cube in datadiscovery. I removed all unused objects, and everything was working fine.

Today, the dashboard is completely empty, and the object-list consists of [NO NAME]-objects. It seems like the connection to the cube was lost overnight. This is the second time this happens for me, and a back-up is no help, as the same thing happens for the back-up.

Any suggestions as to how I can prevent this from happening?



  • Hello!

    Did you try running the repair tool to see if that alleviates the issue? or did you check to see if it is a service issue like TIServer or AntServer stalling/stopping?

  • Thanks Tyler!

    I don't think I know the repair tool, can you tell me where to find it?

    However, I now know what caues the issue, because the same thing happened yesterday:

    I had deleted a datasource from a cube, because I no longer needed it. Unfortunately, the deleted datasource had a variable meetings, which was also the name of a variable in another datasource in the cube. So Targit will rename them meetings1 and meetings2 when creating the cube. And when I delete the datasource with the variable meetings1, Targit renames the remaining variable to meeting, because now there is only one. And the analysis uses the variable meetings2, which no longer exists...

    So I guess I have to be very careful the next time I alter a cube.

  • Oh, wow! That's a good find, glad you found out the reasoning behind this!

    The repair tool is found by running the same setup executable file for your targit version number, instead of it asking to upgrade it'll ask you want to Repair, Modify or Remove!


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