Color Advanced Calculation Column

Using the Advanced Calculations editor I created a new column, not measure. Is it possible to change the styling, namely the background color, of this new column? I see ways to color text rows and simulations, but not columns.



  • If I understand your request correctly:

    Properties > Left click your crosstab >  Color Agent > Color Background > (Your new Calculated Column should show in a list) > Pick it > Change settings to match what you want.

  • I never received a notification of your reply; so, sorry for the late response. This worked beautifully! One last question, is there a way to continue the background color into the intersection of my two inserted rows at the bottom?


  • Hi Aaron,

    I assume that you refer to GSD Weekly/Daily.

    You right click the row you want to format and go to table - format this member:

    New window will appear. Select - background and then the desired colour:


    Guess this will do the trick. 


  • Hi Aaron 

    If you just want to color the two cells that make the intersection between calculated column and the 2 calculated rows, you might want to look at this article:

  • Thanks, Steppi and Niels! Both suggestions got me where I needed to be.


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