Show that drills are active

I have made an analysis with several layouts. 

Does anybody have a smart way, where I can make it apparent to the user, if they have activated a drill? For instance clicked Product Group in a diagram, and navigated to another layout?

I know that some of my users, could easily forget this, or doesn't understand that they activated a drill. So I would like some kind of marker on each layout, to avoid the users making faulty conclusions. 



  • Solved it: 

    Had a measure in my DWH that counts unique Articlecodes. 

    I then made a user dimension, where on ignores all the possible drill options, and the other ignores nothing. 

    And then made a row calculations = 1 when the two values <> and 0 when they are the same. 

    And then its just a matter of choosing the object to show if a drill is active or not. I did it via a conditional text, as a header in a cross tab, and adjusted height so the crosstab is hidden.

    Drills active:


    Drills not active:

  • Hi Kristoffer

    Really clever solution! Could be handy for others for sure.



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