Including a new map

How can I include a new map image in Targit area chart map. For Example, if I want to include an image for the map of Pakistan, what should I do?



  • Hi Hasam, 


    You need to make any new maps SVG images, and then you can chose where you change the map picture. 

    And then you can add the picture. I created a local folder on my Targit server that stores my custom maps. As I am not sure whether Targit graps the maps from that location, or makes a copy somewhere within Targit. 

    How you make the maps, I am not totally sure about though. I had my marketing department work their magic. 

    But in our case they marked the shelfs in our warehouse with the grey color, and then within Targit I just dragged and dropped the shelfs, to the correct shelf in the map. It should only be necessary the first time you load the map, afterwards Targit should remember the link between dimension and map to my knowledge.  

  • Kristoffer Drejer Thank you so much. Your response was extremely helpful.



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