Rank Calculation with Drill Through Filters

I have a leaderboard that ranks salespeople by a calculated measure, and I want that ranking to only be based upon that absolute reference. However, when I click on categories to filter the data, it then re-ranks the salespeople by that drilled through subset. I want it to show just the salespeople that are a part of that subset, but I also want the ranking to remain absolute to the original measure. 

I tried a few different variations of the calculation and nothing worked. In Excel, dollar signs on the reference we want to remain unchanged works, but I'm not sure how to do this in Targit. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!



  • Hi Taylor, If I understand you correctly something in the ball park of this should do the trick. 

    I made a user dimension in my case on the X axis, with two dimension. One that ignores nothing, and one that ignores all possible drills. The rank is then made on the one that ignores the drills. 


    And then I use visibility agents, to hide the dimensions affected by drills. 


  • Hi Kristoffer,

    Thank you for the response! This is good info, however, my rank calculation is based on a calculated column and not a measure within my source data. It's a combined total of multiple measures and then ranked on who has the highest amount of total points. In that case, how do I ignore drills in a calculated column?

    Thanks again!


  • I think it still should work, you just need to change the column references in your calculated columns that you made. So that they are based on the columns that ignores the drills. But as we can't see your calculations, it is tough to guide you any further. 


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