TOP 20 per Location


I want to create a table with top 20 highest open amount of open order per location.
So location 1 followed by 20 orders, location 2 followed by 20 orders and so on
I tried with the rank function (rankdesc(d-1, all, m1)), but then I get a rank displayed without considering the different locations. 
The top-list function gives the same result without taking into account the different locations.
Does anyone know how I can fix this?


Kind regard,




  • Hi Els, 

    I tried to create an example with DemoData with Top 20 Products per Country.

    Please add this s (siblings) in your rank function: 

    Then hide the members > 20 via visibility agents:

    The last step is to go to Visibility and deselect the calculated column


    I hope this helped :) 

  • Hi Marlene,


    Does is also works when you add other dimensions after Product ?


  • Another question...
    Does it also work to arrange a date?
    So the same list as the first, but instead of a ranking by Revenue on e.g. Date Invoice

  • Hi Els,

    If you add another dimension after Product, it will also work on that dimension. I.e. the new dimension will also be ranked and will also only show Top 20 within each Product. Actually, the Top 20 - as implemented here - will work on all levels - including the Customer Country level.

    You cannot apply the same logic to dates. The rank calculation works on a measure (Revenue in Marlene's example) - it cannot work on a dimension member like date.

    BR / Ole


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