Impersonation is not supported in 2021

Hi all, 

for TARGIT 2021 Update 3 is the following note in download center:

  • Impersonation is not supported in 2021 ('Effective user' is still supported). The move to the new HTTP communication is a big leap forward and brings many advantages. However, it also means that user credentials to use impersonation are not kept after a user logs in, which is why impersonation will not work in 2021. 

What will be different for Anywhere users after the Update?
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  • Hi Marlene,

    The main usage for Effective user or Impersonation is to transport the Active Directory user from TARGIT Client (Windows or Anywhere) through to TARGIT Server - and from TARGIT Server through to Microsoft SQL Server, so SQL Server Analysis Services can filter data based on the Active Directory user.

    Before TARGIT 2021, we supported two ways of doing this - Effective user and Impersonation. 

    “Impersonation” requires a lot of configurations with Service Principal Names + more and access to the domain controller. On top of this, it is actually limited in its usability compared to “Effective user”.

    "Effective user" uses a functionality in Microsoft SQL Server, where at user with full access to a cube, can ask for data on behalf of another user’s account thereby getting a limited subset of the cube. Same result as with Impersonation.

    "Effective user" works with scheduled jobs and agents – and its much easier to configure than Impersonation. “Impersonation” does not work with scheduled jobs and agents.

    To sum it up – we did remove Impersonation, but to our knowledge, no users were using Impersonation. Everyone we know of, is using Effective user.

    So I don't see it has any influence on your Anywhere users.

    Best regards,

    Jesper da Silva Endelt


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