Several rows per dimension if empty categories - after upgrading to 2021 ?


We have just upgraded from 2019 to 2021 and now it seems like there is some problems with our DataDiscovery cubes regarding dimensions with empty categories.

In a crosstable the numbers get their own row if the dimension has an empty category.

In the example Byskovgård, Børnegården and Hesselgården is fine as they have names in dimension Org.niv 5.

But Antvorskov, Boeslunde and Mariehønen is returning the numbers in 3 seperate rows - propably as a result of the empty category in Org.niv 5. But why does it behave like that? And what can I do to change it? I only want 1 row per org.niv 5.

I hope that some of you have a solution.

Thanks in advance :-)




  • Hi Louise

    This is unfortunately a known bug in this version (2021 summer release).

    There will be an update in a few days that fixes this and other issues.

    The only workaround I can think of, until the new version is available, is to use a TARGIT format to change the blanks into "Unknowns".

    This can be done by adding a column in the format and use a syntax like




  • Hi Niels

    Thanks for info.

    Where do I find information about known bugs and new releases etc?

    This info could have saved me a lot of time and we would definately have postponed our upgrade a few weeks if we had known about this a few weeks ago. 

  • Hi Louise,

    the links below might be helpful for you:

    Download center - TARGIT® Intranet Portal

    Support - TARGIT® Intranet Portal

    Targit News - TARGIT® Intranet Portal

    These are related to update 2. You can search the portal to find the relevant documentation for the build you are running on.

    Hope this helps!


  • Thanks Steffi.

    I have now looked at the support link, but I can't find anything about this bug at the page. 

    Moreover I think the page is a bit unmanageable? It is hard to get an overview of the reported issues regarding af specific version. It would be nice to be able to sort or select specific versions. And it would be nice to be able to sign up for automatic notifications by email when new bugs are discovered and acknowledge by Targit. And get info bt mail about upcoming fixes and releases.

  • Sure Louise.

    I have just noticed that under the column "solution", there is not such a status as "open" or "under investigation". It's only "fixed", "duplicate", "won't do", "cannot reproduce" and "working as intended". It's like open issues are not being listed... Maybe that's why you cannot find your issue?

    I fully agree with you that a filter/search function would be very help, just like an automatic email concerning bugs should be provided to the end-users with developer license.

  • I have to correct myself - unfortunately this is not fixed in the version coming out shorly - but postphoned to the fall release.

  • Oh no! Then I have to go through all our cubes to detect if I need to make new formats (and change the analysis) to solve the problem. It will take days.. There must be a lot of other customers with the same problem?

    When do you expect the fall release?


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