Trigger to same document with different criteria

Can I make a trigger to the same document but with different criteria? In this case I need to change the criteria per company. I have tried to remove the company criteria in the trigger, but how do I choose another company as my criteria?



  • Hi Karoline

    If the analysis is saved with the right criterias and the only criteria you want to change is the company, you only need to tick the Company dimension (reverse the screendump above). And if you choose "Targit criteria" = Aggregate (instead of Replace) you ensure that the only criteria you change is the criteria you have put on your trigger. Otherwise you will replace other criterias with "nothing" (meaning it will remove all other criterias in your analysis). 

    So to choose another company you need to put a local criteria on the objekt of the trigger. E.g. if the trigger is a textbox, you make a local criteria with Company = X to this textbox. Then the trigger brings theese criteria to the analysis.   

    Hope it makes sence?

  • Hi all,

    my solution is the following: 

    1. Put a local criteria with a country to each object (flag).

    2. Select this trigger for each object: 

    3. Save and try :-)


  • Yes it makes sense - just what I needed. Thank you to you both! :)




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