Custom Values for user dimensions


Im having a problem with custom dimensions, where some dimensions allow for the use of custom values and others does not. Do the dimension values in the datawarehouse have ti be a specific datatype?

Bo Jacobsen



  • Hi Bo

    Im not sure if I understand your question correct?

    When I create a user dimension, Im able to select criterias from all dimensions.

    Maybe you can show a screendump of your problem?

  • HI

    The problem is that i can make use of custom values for user dimensions in some cases

    but not others


    and i was wondering if it had something to do with Data Format or Data Type in the datawarehouse.

  • Hi Bo

    Now I understand your question :-) Unfortunately I dont have a good answer.

    It seems like it has something to do with dynamic time? I dont get the options at time dimensions with dynamic time. But all other dimensions it seems like Im able to choose custom values.

    Hopefully someone else have an explanation.

  • Hi Bo,

    Yes, it is most likely because TARGIT will only treat string data types as something that can be set up with 'Custom values'.

    So you might need to change the data type in the data warehouse. If this field is also used as a measure, then you should create a copy first (you will want to keep the measure as a numeric data type).

    BR / Ole

  • Hi,

    I changed the Data Type and Data Format to Text and I can now use custom values.

    Thanks for the help.


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