Textbox/KPI/SVG word wrapping

Hi all,

I am wondering if it would be possible to create a textbox with multiple lines inside a document. Inside I want to ingest several dynamic content: single members of dimension and measures. The text could finally could look like this:
The revenue in July 2021 for item category clothes was 15.000€. The profit was 20%.

The bold words are dynamic content.

I want to use several lines of text with more measures.

I tried to achieve it with textboxes, but I cannot use measures as dynamic content.

So I tried KPI object. I created a new SVG with a single textbox/label. It works great but the text is limited to one line and there is no word wrap. I could use a svg with several lines of labels but it would look great.

Any idea/workaround would be nice.

kr, Stephan



  • Hi Stephen,


    Create a textbox and enter your standard text. Then click the dynamic content braces to the right this allows you to insert desired content. You can then apply local criteria to the textbox to filter it. 

  • Hi Torben,

    I don't think it is possible to insert measures as dynamic content. This is the missing part I need.

  • Ah yes sorry I see what you mean. Here is what I would do. Create a text box and enter


    "The revenue in MONTH PLACEHOLDER YEAR PLACEHOLDER for item category CATEGORY PLACEHOLDER  was                  The profit was          ."

    Then add local criteria to the text box for "Month to date" etc which reduces the month and year placeholders to desired content. Then local criteria for the category:clothes. Then add KPIs with the measures along with the same local criteria you just added. Overlay those over the space in your textbox. Then group the textbox to the KPIs. This then gives the impression it is all part of the same visualisation

  • Hi Daniel,

    this is an interesting approach and would do the job. It's still a workaround. Nice would be the same functionality which is possible inside a kpi object. There you could insert measures, criterias, etc...


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