Preview of Stored procedure shows no results


I use Targit 2019 and I want to use the Stored Procedure from the Data Discovery. I create a new Stored procedure in my SQL Management Studio for the Datawarehouse. The procedure shows data in SQL

I create a new Data sorucxe using this Stored procedure. Now I want to get a preview of the data. I click on my newly created Stored procedure and choose the option 'Preview'. Unfortunately I get no data

Do I need to activate a specific option so that the Preview shows any data? Or am I missing any rights to access the data? I have a Designer license including the Data Discovery Admin. Or could this be a loading issue i.e. too much data?

Thank you in advance




  • I think you need to make a view instead of an SP in SQL

  • Then I can add a SP in my Controlling Client but I can't preview the data it contains? Or does it only work in combination with a view? I created a simple select on one of the tables of my Datawarehouse. Should I use a SP which uses a view as basis?


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