Hide rows where all measures do not contain data

Is it possible to hide rows where all measures do not contain data?

Like in this case, where I would like to hide all rows in the white area.





  • Try a visibility agent with the following formula

    count(all,0,all) = 0 
  • It does not work as intended, unfortunately. 

    The table should be a top/bottom table and this is working fine when I have not inserted the budget measure, but only the actual measure. The problem occurs when I insert my budget measure, because some customers have a budget, but no actual numbers. So, I would like to hide all customers with budget and no actual numbers, so I am able to make a rank and then hide all customers not in the top or bottom. 

  • Aah that changes thing then, you wrote where all measures don't contain data. But as you write now, it sounds like m2 is the budget, and m1 might be empty as no sales has occured.  

    Then give this a try:

    count(all,0,m1) = 0 
  • Sorry my mistake, I see that my formulation wasn't correct.

    Now it is working - thanks for your help! :)


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