User Dimension with "LIKE" filter

For Example:

- Shirt Armani XL

- Shirt Armani S

- Shirt black Armani S

- Shirt white S Armani

- Shirt Nike M


Imagine I would like to see everything that includes "Armani". Is that possible? So the User Dimension would automaticly includes "Shirt Armani XXXL" when it would be added.



  • We have asked for this possibility too for criterias.

    If I for example would like a criteria that automaticly select all categories that contain the text "Armani".

    But as far as I know this is not possible. So I'm curious to know the answer to your question too :-)

  • Hi Harry,

    You can only do this by creating a definite, comma-separated list in the 'Custom values' setting when working with criteria.

    I know this is probably not what you hoped for, but that is the current available option.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole, anyway thank yo for the answer!


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