Creating a new Cube with Stored procedure


I want to create a new Cube and I want to use a Stored Procedure as a data source. I designed a Stored Procedure in the SQL manager and defined it in the Controlling Client. In the next step I create a new cube and add my newly created Stored procedure to the designer. Now I want to save my cube and I get this error message

I assumed I would be able to save this first step. When I created the data source I entered a search item as example in my Stored procedure. Was that enough? Or do I need a linked table that contains values with which my stored procedure can search for data (in my case I am looking for a specific type of reminder type). the idea is that my Stored procedure shows me all my customers with a specific reminder type. Or are Stored procedures not usable when you design a new cube? I had the option available when I choose my data source so I assume Stored Procedures should be eligble for the cube design





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