Deselect via criteria bar

I have created a report were my colleagues are able to filter on periode and manufacturer via the criteria bar, to see the sold items in a given period.

But the filter only works by selecting for example the manufaturers they want to see, but is it possible to deselect what they don't want to see instead?



  • Hi Lone,

    The filters you can do from the criteria bar only supports 'equal to' (=) criteria as it is now. And what you are asking for, would, in the perfect World, require a 'different from' (<>) criteria.

    However, there is work-around, that you might try. It involves a few steps:

    1. Make a 'Not' search in your criteria bar. The Not search should search for a Manufacturer name that does not exist in your Manufacturer list. In this example, I am making a Not search for a non-existing customer 'XYZ' by typing in '!XYZ' in the field and hit ENTER:
    2. All members should highlight with a blue background color, and you should now click 'Select all' to set a checkmark for all dimension members.
    3. You can now reopen the drop down list to deselect the member that you don't want to include in your criteria. (You can even do a new search for the member(s) you want to deselect.)

    In this way - first selecting all dimension members, and then deselect the one(s) you don't want to see - you should be able to achieve what you want.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    That works perfectly, thank you very much :)

    BR Lone


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