Report ignores start criteria

I have made a report, where the user should see comparable schools. I have made a start criteria in Targit Management, which should secure this. But when the user opens the report he/she sees all organisations and not only the other schools. 

It seems like the report acts like I have used the "Ignore start criteria" possibility, but that is not the case (see picture below).

Are there any suggestions how to solve this problem?



  • Hi Trine

    Initial criteria should be visible in the criteria panel - does it not show there?

    Could it be that your user is a member of another role with a forced criteria?


  • Hi Niels

    I made a mistake!!

    The initial criteria isnt visible in the criteria panel, its blank/no chosen.

    The user is not a member of another role and the weird thing is, that the initial criteria works in another report with the same setup. 


  • Hi Trine,

    are you using local criteria? Local criteria's no longer overwrite global criteria's, which was the case in the old versions of TARGIT.


  • Hi Steffi

    The report only includes local criteria´s and no global :) 


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