Full-screen mode in videos from web box

Is it not possible to use full-screen mode in video links from a web box? The button appears, but nothing happens when I click it. 

I would like to create a dashboard with tutorial videos, but I think the video window is too small inside Targit.



  • Hi Caroline

    You can't use the full screen with the web-box as you correctly state.

    The best work-around I can think of is to link to the original youtube video - but that obviously means that you will leave your TARGIT analysis.

    It could definitely be a feature request to support full screen in the web-box. 

  • Hi Niels,

    Okay, thank you for your answer! I will make a request for this feature in Targit Support.

  • Hi Karoline,

    If you are using Youtube as your video storage, then it seems that you will by default get lots of links to the original video on Youtube - where it can be viewed in full screen mode.

    The three orange arrows all indicate links to the video on Youtube:

    BR / Ole


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