Change font/color in rows at a specific entry

Hi all,

I have a table with 3 columns: 2 dimensions and 1 measure.

If the entry in the 2nd column is "Intern", the whole row (or just the measure) should be bold or in another colour.

Is that possible in any way? Thank you very much :)



  • Hi Marlene,

    If you involve a user dimension with two members, Extern and Intern, you can use that in a 'Color cell background' color agent.

    In my example, with JEANS and UNDERWEAR, the condition for coloring background/row is simply count(d2, 0, 0).

    The 'New calculation' is simply sum(all, 0, 0).

    Of course, you should hide the two User Dimension columns and just keep the calculated column (with a proper name).

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole, 

    this works pretty well. The only thing is that "Extern" ist not highlighted. Thank you a lot, I will send this solution to the user who asked for.


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