Same roles and rights different outcome

I have a user who can not look at all the levels in my hierarchy althrough he has access to this.

If I assign the same right and role to our test user I can look at all levels 


Users screenshot

Test user screenshot

Any suggestions on what we can do? 


/ Gia 




  • Hi Gia 

    The only way this should occur, would be if your data source had some row level filters that applied to a certain user/group of users.

    I think you are using TARGIT InMemory for your solution - so I don't think it is the case here.

    If noone else has had the same experience, maybe it would be better to create a support ticket?


  • Just one additional comment - if you want to be completely sure that your testuser has the same setup as the user in question, it might be an idea to verify the rolememberships by using the "Lookup user permission" feature in TARGIT Management:

  • Hi Niels

    We have already used the look up function.

    This is the role:

    And this is lookup for the user who are missing the rights to open the hierarchi: thomru

    And this is lookup for our testuser:

    How do we create a support ticket??

  • Hi Niels

    FYI I think we found the problem and a solution.

    It turned out that when I sent him a direct link to the analysis, he did not have any problems opening the hierarchi. The problem appeared when he used a shortcut from his desktop to Targit anywhere. 

    It turned out that the shortcut opened Targit in another browser than chrome. I don't know the icon/browser?:

    But when we changed this to open with chrome instead, it solved his problems.

    I still don't understand why this problem is related to the type of browser, but just glad to have found a solution to his problem.


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