Event driven JOB Execution

Hi All,

is it possible to trigger a Targit Job from outside.

I mean the same like the new webhooks delivery option, but as an input for the job.

Or is it possible to start a job from a command line prompt (Jobhost exe Files etc....)

Thanks in Advance.

BR Marc



  • Hi Marc, did you ever get an answer to your question. Similar to you, I would like to start an ETL job from a Powershell or command line...the actual goal where I work is to have the users order a refresh of an Inmemory database.

    Anyone has ideas?

  • I was able to run en ETL script from a Powershell, however, the Inmemory database does not show the refreshed data.

    The script is :

    & 'C:\Program Files\TARGIT\TARGIT Data Service\tiImport.exe' "C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemory Scheduler Service\PublishedFolders\SR Test\SRTest.imp"; `
                     Copy-Item 'C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemory Scheduler Service\PublishedFolders\SR Test\SRTest.targitdb' -Destination 'D:\ProgramData\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemoryDB\Data' -Force; `
                   & "D:\Program Files\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemoryDB\tiLoad.exe" "database=SRTest;pwd=*********" /reload

    Any idea what I am missing?


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