Export of a list of data-sources and their uses in cubes?

Is it possible to export a list of data-sources and in which cubes the sources are used? 

So i can keep track of a list of data-sources and in which cube each data-source is used? 



  • I would like to know that as well. So far I've maintained a list manually - updating it manually every 6 month (to delete old cubes and data sources that is no longer in use). But it often takes me 1-2 workdays to go through all sources ans cubes to get the full picture (currently 164 data sources and 118 cubes)

  • If you have stored your dashboards/reports by source, you can get it from the basic log files.

    I don't have Insights installed but we do have the Auxillary Database enbaled, so some basic logging is done. In there I can Identify per dashboard the URL (hence the folder path) and the Cube name.

    As I have only 2 main connection sources (Dev and Prod and hence my fodler structure is setup this way as well) I can create this overview easily. However if you have 164 data sources, It might be a bit too compex. Better to look into Targit Insights, as this is something I would expect the tool enables and reports on. Beside many  more features that are usefull if you have a bigger implementation.

  • Hi Femke 

    Thank you for very much for your answer. Sadly are the dashboards/reports not stored by source, and many of our reports contain multiple data-sources. So using the URL is not a option for us. 

    It could really be usefull to if it was possible to extract a XML-file or something similar. As far as I can read, Targit Insigths does not work with classic reports. 


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