"Stable" background colour for row with different dimension members

Hello Targit people,

I have a bit of an issue with the colouring of rows when there are different dimension members. I also built a simple example for you:

As you can see, when we have Dim1=3, Dim2=3 there are two different values for Dim3; 5 and 6. Now what confuses our users is that starting with "Dim3=6", there is a different row background colouring because of this new value. After this row, the colouring of the backgrounds is different starting at Dim3. Now this might be technically correct, but is a bit hard to read.

Any chances I can force Targit to only use Dim1 / the first column as a reference for the background colour of the complete row? That would make it way easier to read the complete row.






  • Hi Florian

    Currently this is by design in TARGIT. 

    This could be a great feature request though.



  • Thanks Niels,

    Well I would absolutely love that feature ;-)

    I guess it is too short for Christmas, but maybe as an Easter present? That would be awesome.





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