Sharing report with other users

Is there a way to share a report in my Personal folder with another user in my organization?  My organization does not allow users to save any reports in the Shared folder.  I would like to quickly share a report and have someone else save it in their Personal file.



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  • Hi Chris,

    If both you and the other user have access to the Windows/Designer client, you can do it like this:

    1. Open the report and click 'Save as'.
    2. Use the option 'Save to file location' to save it to e.g. your Desktop.
    3. Forward the saved file to the other user - e.g. attached to an email.
    4. The other user can double click the attachment to open the report directly in the TARGIT Windows/Designer client.
    5. The other user can now save the report to his/her personal folder.

    BR / Ole


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