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I have a crosstab existing of two measures (ExW/KG and KG). I have hidden all columns with KG per month, as I only want to see KG per quarter. I would like to color the background of each quarter, and the total, its own color. I am wondering if I need to make a calculation of each column before so I can choose each column in the color agent? Or is it possible to color each quarter now, even though I only have two measures? I am not sure which syntax I have to use in the color agent if this is the case.

Thank you



  • Hi Karoline,

    I can achieve something like this:

    I am not able to color the column headers - only the measure values background.

    I did it with a number of color agents:

    I am using "Color cell background", and the condition for one of the agents looks like this:

    I hope you can use this.

    BR / Ole

  • Thank you Ole. It works quite well - I just have a new small problem. The cells with no data is not colored. I know that I am able to color all cells in a row, but can I do something similar with columns?

  • Hi Karoline,

    Generally, the color agents does not color blank cells.

    A workaround might be to "copy" the original measures with new calculations "as a new measure". E.g. sum(0, 0, m1). This calculation will turn blanks into '0' upon which the color agents will work.

    If necessary, you can then Number Format the calculation (advanced number format) to make sure that '0' is shown with no digits - i.e. shown as if they were blank.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    Thank you for your help. I calculated the original measures as new measures and used your way :)


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