Print report with iteration

I have a report consisting of one table and an iteration of 12 lines. When I want to print, the report sometimes crashes. Can I somehow optimize the iteration or do something to make the report less heavy and easier to print? 



  • Hi Karoline,

    TARGIT has identified a bug, present in the last couple of releases.

    The bug happens when you have a report with the combination "iteration + customized repeater page".

    The only work-around is to avoid this combination - e.g., if your crosstab is small enough to stay on one page, you don't need the customized repeater page.

    The issue should be fixed with the upcoming release (planned for late February 2022).

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    Okay - it makes sense since I have more reports containing an iteration and a customized repeater page. We will look forward to the update :) 


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