Schedule crosstab directly to email as png/jpeg

Is it possible to schedule a crosstab (from a report) directly to email in png/jpeg format? 



  • yes it is.

    When you create the task in task scheduler, in the 4th window (Format) you select the PNG image.

    then in the next window (Delivery) you select email and enter the details.

    Ofcourse your server needs to be enabled for email.



  • Thanks for your answer. I follow your guide and I can do that for the entire report. The problem occurs when I want to schedule only a single crosstab. It looks like this and I can't see how to change the format to png or something similar



  • Put a linked copy of the crosstab on a different dashboard layout.

    Then you only maintain 1 crosstab, next create a task for that dashboard layout.

    Provided ofcourse that your crosstab will not cross the page boundries in number of columns and rows it can be exported to png.

    (But why create a scheduled image of a crosstab and not just send the crosstab as excel file? if you only want a specific table)

  • I have copied the crosstab to another dashboard, so it now works the way I want.

    Thanks for your assistance!


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