Grand total column for waterfall charts

Hi Targit

Is it possible to make a grand total column for waterfall charts in Targit? 

Below is an example of how it is done in Excel (10+20+30 = 80)

I have been looking through the chart properties, but is not able to find it. Is it possible to do it? :-)





  • Hi Thomas,

    I think it is not possible in a waterfall diagram. But maybe someone else has an idea?!

    First though about a right axis for the total value, but in this chart type there is only one axis possible.

    Best regards


  • Hi Thomas,

    With a bit of calculations, it is possible.

    I encourage you to have a look at our 'Inspiration portal',

    For waterfall charts, more specifically at

    Here, you have an example of a Waterfall chart with an Initial value and an 'End of period' value (which is equal to your request for 'grand total').

    Also, notice the 'Play' button in the upper right corner of the chart. This will direct you to an instruction video on how the example waterfall chart was designed.

    Direct link to video:

    Let me know if this was useful.

    BR / Ole


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