ERROR: Criteria members changed in datatase

I have a datasource containing a date (year/month)

I can see the year and month in Data Service, and when I filter the months Jan to April I get a result:


But if I choose May through to December, I get an error:



  • I am getting the same error with a different dataset. If I filter to any dimension member from a particular dimension I get this error. Even though without any filtering I would be able to export and make the necessary filters outside of Targit.

    I am very curious about this.

  • I reported the error to Targit, and Targit found a bug: If we choose year/month and leave out quarters, the months will be considered as quarters. That is why it works for jan-apr, but not for the months 5-12.

    According to Targit the bug is fixed and will be implemented in the release 2022 Autumn. 


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