How to scale a pie chart?


I have a question in regards to Pie charts. I have a Pie chart which has 3 values. Unfortunately one of those values is very small and if my chart has a specific size I can't see the smallest value

If I scale the chart a little and modify the size of the fonts I get the third value though it's not very readable and unfortunately I don't have much space left

Is there perhaps any other option to modify the pie chart? Perhaps a resize of the separate "pie pieces"? I am using the 2019 Controlling Client.



  • Hi, pie's are for eating only :-)

    It's a better practise to use a bar chart with the bars in descending order. For the user it's immedeatly obvious what the order of object is and a human brain can see and interpret the difference based on the length of bars, the round curve in pie's are much more difficult to correctly guess which is the bigger slice if values are closer together. A top to bottom descening order is clearly indentifiable though.

  • Hi Michael,

    There is no way to reposition the labels in any diagrams manually . It is always automatically placed. If you enlarge the object, the label might appear.


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