Text boxes for filtering 'equal to' and 'different from'

If you are creating a dashboard where you would like filtering options such as 'Territory = Asia' (equal to) and 'Territory <> Asia' (different from), you may want to do it in a super user friendly way: Using text boxes with triggers.

Especially if your end-users are standard consumer user with access to the Anywhere client only.

To make this work, I will first need to apply local criteria accordingly to each of the text boxes:

Secondly, I will apply the trigger option 'Update global criteria' to both of my text boxes.

Logically, this should work to apply criteria as either 'Equal to Asia' or ' Different from Asia'. However, if you tried it at this time, you would quickly see an issue with conflicting criteria - trying to apply 'Equal to Asia' and ' Different from Asia' at the same time, which of course will result in nothing.

To make it work, we must ensure that the criteria from one button does not affect the other button, and we do this from the Criteria Smartpad by working with the Ignore criteria on dimensions option for both text boxes. 




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