Only show results in one table, that are visible in another table

I have filtered out some order numbers in table 1, and this table now contains only e.g. 5 different order numbers.

I have another table (table 2) with all order numbers, this table contains much more detailed data about the orders than table 1. But I want table 2 to only show those 5 different order numbers from table 1.

It is not possible to filter out the orders in table 2 as I have done in table 1, as the criteria for filtering conflicts with the detailed data, I want to show in table 2.

Is it possible to make a connection between table 1 and 2, so table 2 only shows the order numbers visible in table 1? Please note, the report is dynamic; the order numbers in table 1 will change every week.



  • Hi Gitte,

    TARGIT doesn't have a 'use population as a filter' feature.

    Normally, we would say that you should manually select all the members in the 1 table (drill down selection with SHIFT + click or CTRL + click) - this population selection would then work as a filter upon the other objects.

    However, I got a feeling that your case might involve a scheduled report - where such a manual drill down isn't possible. There may be other work arounds, however.

    If possible, can you supply one or more screenshots of your case? That will help me determine if a work around is possible or not.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks for your answer. And yes, you are right, it was needed for a scheduled report.

    I found a work-around with a colleague.


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